Our Senior Staff

Ramon Baez, MECE, PE

Director of Civil Engineering
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Ramon oversees all aspects of the design of civil and water feature engineering, site development projects and engineering. He has designed state-of-the-art facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad in a variety of areas including retail, commercial, high-rise office, mixed-use, residential, large hotel and resort complexes, industrial and warehousing, medical and research laboratories, commercial/military aviation and aircraft maintenance facilities, governmental, and correctional facilities. Ramon has 17 years of professional consulting experience in the successful completion of engineered systems requiring close coordination with related engineering disciplines and a thorough knowledge of governing engineering practices, standards, and codes. Ramon holds a Masters of Civil Engineering for Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.

As Director of Civil and Water Features Engineering, Ramon is responsible for overseeing the overall management, coordination, and design development for Civil and Water Features Engineering projects. He monitors all of the company’s civil engineering efforts to insure complete client satisfaction.

James Blackburn

Vice President, Director of Information Technology
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With a career spanning more than four decades, Jim has diverse technical and systems management skills. His extensive experience, coupled with exceptional technical knowledge, results in ultra-reliable systems that perform beyond expectations.

Jim works around the clock and is on-call at all hours to ensure the information technology needs of all the engineers in the company are met. Systems reliability and uptime have been a key focus during Jim’s management of information technology since the early 1980’s. Consistently averaging a 99.9% uptime rating across his 40+ year career, W.L. Thompson Consulting Engineers, Thompson Company, and Thompson Ehle Company information technology systems have proven to be highly reliable with exceptional performance and flexibility while remaining secure and protected from day to day evolving threats.

Paul Carlson, PE

Senior Project Manager
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With a design career spanning more than 30 years, Paul directly assists the Electrical Director to supervise the Electrical Engineering department and manages large-scale projects. The spectrum of Paul’s experience includes base building design, building renovations, corporate offices, hospitality spaces, transportation facilities, public sector projects and retail projects. Paul holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Barron Dean

Director of Mechanical Engineering
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Barron is our Director of Mechanical Engineering. An engineer committed to quality, Barron provides design leadership for the planning, managing, design and construction administration of multiple large scale projects. He is particularly skilled at all mechanical engineering design efforts, quality control, including the establishment of “checkpoints” during critical phases of the project, as well as, the coordination of timely and consistent design team meetings to ensure that all needs are met on a timely and accurate basis. His work is characterized by exceptional attention to detail that translates to commercial success. Barron has over 40 years of professional experience in mechanical engineering design. He is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and specializes in HVAC design.

As Director of Mechanical Engineering, Barron performs project coordination with Architectural, Structural and Electrical Engineering staff. He also performs all scheduling and work allocation for the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Allison Ehle, PE, LEED Green Assoc.

Senior Mechanical Engineer
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Allison brings 13 years of professional experience, with a specialty in office engineering, to her role as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager. She believes that developing designs that provide a connection between the users and the building requires a thorough understanding of the environment and acute attention to detail. Going beyond the traditional approach, she researches the environmentally sound engineering techniques that allow for the lowest energy consumption for the biggest impact with performance of HVAC systems. Allison is a certified LEED Green Associate and is registered in the state of Georgia. She earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mia Epps

Atlanta Office Manager

Mia is the Office Manager of Thompson Ehle Company’s Atlanta office. As both an accomplished administrative assistant and human resources director, she offers up-to-date information of policy and handles accounts receivable. A dedicated manager, Mia prepares or coordinates preparation of financial and administrative reports; analyzes and interprets statistics, financial data, and management planning data for predicting resource needs and developing long range plans. She possesses excellent interpersonal, presentation and written communication skills, which help her to maintain positive vendor relationships, and serve as the contact between TEC and all of the support services necessary for successful operation. Mia is a graduate of the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Mia is responsible for the organization and coordination of office operations, procedures and resources to facilitate corporate effectiveness and efficiency. As Office Manager, her responsibilities are to improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of TEC’s mission.

She oversees all of the administrative support functions, including accounting and human resources, and keeps informed of, interprets and applies pertinent rules, regulations, policies and procedures set forth by the organization or outside governing agencies as relates to Human Resources Management. Her longevity and experience at TEC enables Mia to bring significant insight into what is required to advance TEC’s corporate goals.

Morris Gosa, LCD

Lighting Designer
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With a lighting and electrical design career spanning more than 35 years, Morris has extensive knowledge of changing technologies in lighting and controls, understanding that they are as important as the design itself. His role as Lighting Designer is multifaceted: from visiting manufacturing facilities from Massachusetts to San Francisco and many states in between to photometric reports for proper light levels and light trespass ordinances. The spectrum of Morris’ experience includes base building design, building renovations, corporate interiors, hospitality spaces, retail projects, lighting parking lots, lobbies, and support facilities, corporate offices, restaurants and ballrooms, and Assisted Living facilities. Morris is a member and current President for the Georgia Chapter of the IESNA, is certified through the NCQLP lighting certification program. LEED, and Com-Check for energy compliance of lighting systems.

Ron Hall

Director of Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering
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To his role as Discipline Director for Plumbing and Fire Protection, Ron brings an expertise in plumbing and fire protection engineering, with an expertise in retail, commercial, high-rise office, mixed-use, residential, large hotel and resort complexes, industrial and warehousing, medical and research laboratories, commercial/military aviation and aircraft maintenance facilities, public assemblies, governmental, and correctional facilities. As a TEC Director, Ron’s experience includes site infrastructure studies, site investigations, planning, potable water treatment and distribution, automatic sprinkler protection including AFFF deluge and preaction systems, halon, fire pumps and storage tanks, fuel gas distribution and propane storage facilities, sanitary drainage collection and treatment systems, and gasoline and fuel oil storage and dispensing.

As Director of Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering, Ron performs project coordination with Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering staff. He also performs all scheduling and work allocation for the Plumbing Engineering Department.

Megan Thompson Hilton

Director of Marketing
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Megan is responsible for the organization and coordination of client relations and remains a liason for every client. As the Director of Marketing, her responsibilities are to identify our target market and establish the best marketing strategies for that market, identify client needs and expectations of service and assist in creating total client satisfaction from beginning to end.

In her 12 years with Thompson Ehle Company, Megan has assisted with a variety of positions, and has served as the Director of Marketing since 2015. She is responsible for designing all marketing materials, including portfolios, brochures, proposals, presentations, resumes, business cards, etc. She keeps informed of, interprets and applies pertinent market research, trends, and objectives while staying abreast to changes in the development market. She also is in charge of the company website and all social media and is in direct contact with clients to develop new and repeat business.

As is necessary to communicate across all levels, Megan possesses excellent interpersonal, presentation and written communication skills, following in the footsteps of her father, Bill Thompson. She maintains positive client relationships, and serves as the contact between TEC and all clients and subcontractors. Her longevity and experience at TEC enables Megan to bring significant insight into what is required to advance TEC’s corporate goals.

Benjamin Kowalczyk, PE

Director of Electrical Engineering
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As Director of Electrical Engineering, Ben is committed to serving clients and managing large-scale projects, including hotels, resorts, and conference centers; offices (corporate and speculative); mixed-use facilities; educational, detention, and healthcare facilities; as well as commercial and military airports. He is a passionate relationship-builder and a relentless advocate for quality work. Ben leverages his extensive experience in developed designs of power distribution, lighting systems, and special systems (fire alarm, emergency power, telecommunications, cabling distribution, nurse call, cable television distribution, paging/intercom systems, security/access control, CCTV) for large commercial buildings such as university educational, healthcare facilities, office buildings, hotels, resorts and conference centers to better manage his team and projects. Ben is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iowa.

As Director of Electrical Engineering, Ben has been responsible for engineering design layouts and production of electrical documents for various projects including hotels, resorts, condominiums, healthcare facilities, commercial office buildings, mixed-use facilities, airports and rapid transit rail facilities.

William Phillips, IV

Director of Technology Infrastructure Design, Revit/CAD Coordination Manager
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In addition to his role as a Revit/CAD Coordination Manager, Will serves as the Director of Technology Infrastructure Design. In these capacities he applies his 6 years of experience and insight in the design and installation of low voltage technical systems in facilities such as hotels, airports, casinos, military training facilities, schools, jails, offices, and convention centers and finds innovative design ideas to tailor fit solutions to any design obstacle. By strategically evaluating the challenges his clients face, Will provides comprehensive solutions that truly add value. His design skill set includes: Audio Visual/Information Technology Infrastructure (AV/IT), Voice over Internet/Conventional Telephone Service (VoIP/PBX), Television Distribution (CATV/IPTV), Security/CCTV/Access Control, Digital Signage, Distributed Antenna System (DAS), User Interface & Control Systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), Gaming Floor Cabling Distribution, and Military Training and Targeting Systems. He achieved AutoDesk Revit certification and is pursuing an A.S. in Electronics Technology from Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Will is a former US Marine and also studied Architecture at Southern Polytechnic University.

As Director of the Technology Infrastructure Design Group, Will is responsible for the overall management of the department. In this supervisory capacity, he ensures that team members are motivated, well trained, knowledgeable of their responsibilities, and stimulated to explore creative solutions for fulfilling the client’s project objectives and schedules. Emphasizing the fulfillment of his clients’ needs and expectations, Will directs the design and production efforts of all technical systems projects from conception through completion.